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Help you Evolve your Wellness Programs!

A word from our founder:

I am enthusiastic and passionate about health and wellness and love to work with a variety of industries! What drives me is knowing I have the opportunity to make an impact on someone’s life!

I understand that each company is unique and I am committed to ensure the services offered are FUN, MEANINGFUL and ENGAGING for employees! Relationships are everything to me, and I would love to partner with you to build a strong culture of wellbeing!

Trisha Dohn BS, MS, CWC
We are an independent, corporate wellness company that understands wellness is more than healthcare costs. We understand that many companies are trying to implement wellness programs with their insurance carriers, yet may experience lack of flexibility, experience or solutions for engagement, outcomes, and long-term success. As a result, more programs fail than succeed. Corporate wellness cannot be treated as a band-aid. Engagement, motivation, support and strategy are the keys to a successful program. If employees are not involved in the solution, it's difficult to succeed. Preventable wellness is a complete lifestyle and behavior change and change takes time and commitment. If you are ready to commit, here is how:

A higher level of awareness is essential to success.

We are all becoming more and more health conscious. But due to higher stress, longer work days and constant multitasking, it is more difficult to find the time to act on wellness goals. Creating an effective, FUN wellness program is important because the majority of an employee's time is spent at the workplace.

Majority of chronic diseases are preventable.

According to the CDC, chronic diseases account for 75% of total healthcare costs. Well365 focuses on prevention and we understand that when old habits are years in the making, you cannot expect behavior to change to happen overnight. However, Well365 provides solutions to for people to commit mentally, emotionally and socially so that progress is possible.

Be flexible.

Corporate wellness shouldn’t be boring. Creating unique and fun, flexible programs that consistently evolve over time ensure the best possibility of long term success. Human beings need to be challenged and stimulated in different ways and different means to create change. Well365 stays on top of the latest trends and works in collaboration with you and your team to take direct responsibility over your initiatives.

Attack healthcare costs.

Healthcare costs are rising year after year. Employers, especially those at small companies, can simply not afford to take on this burden any longer. As a result, they are passing the costs on to their employees through higher deductibles. But healthier employees can actually help their own bottom line. Some employers are now lowering employee’s contributions with rebates if they do participate in a wellness program. Well365 has years of experience to assist you on integration.

Customized Corporate Wellness.

The success of corporate wellness is driven by the unique strategy behind it. It involves strategies that outline short and long-term goals for the employee and the employer. Corporate wellness needs support, leadership, commitment from the employer and employees. Well365 understands that successful programs take time and constantly evolves so it can be integrated into the company's culture. Corporate wellness is not just one solution. It is a combination of many solutions that work together under one strategy. It involves layers of physical activity, education, communication, incentives, and a long-term commitment.