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Employee Wellness

In today’s hectic world, most of us are spending more time at work, and have increasingly less time to look after our health. For a long time, businesses have understood the benefits associated with keeping workers well; from increased productivity to reduced absenteeism and MORE! For these reasons, along with rising healthcare costs, employees wellness and managed care are vital components to your business plan and we’ll help you build it!


No two companies are the same and for this alone, we understand the importance of offering a variety of wellness solutions for your unique company. Our online, web-based tool is a platform that provides FUN and ENGAGING wellness challenges, online education, fitness and nutrition tracking, health coaching tools, social features, points, rewards, program management, managed care opportunities and MORE!


We want to help you succeed in having your employees be enthusiastic and positive about work. We want to build trust, commitment and communication between you and your employee. By engaging your employees, your organization will see greater outcomes and success, along with overall improved well-being. Whether you want to implement a fun, healthy, food day, or provide health coaching to help those who are prediabetic or have high blood pressure, we have solutions for you!

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Well365 ?

Well365 cares about you and your employees and we are passionate about wellness. We work with companies of all sizes and in all industries to create FUN, MEANINGFUL and ENGAGING programs that your employees will love. We have extensive experience in the managed care and wellness space allowing you to create optimal outcomes! Having built and managed programs for a multitude of clients, we're ready to put that experience to use for you!
Having wellness and managed care programs are integral aspects to maintaining a safe, productive and positive work environment. Well365 works with you to create customized wellness programs that promote and improve health and well-being for your employees and company. We also have solutions in place to identify and manage those at risk for chronic conditions.
Well365 focuses on prevention. Diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, and other chronic diseases can make life difficult to manage for millions of adults, often forcing them to give up their independence. Because we know that a person who isn’t properly managing their condition, they may experience an inability to perform important activities, restrict their engagement in life and enjoyment with family and friends. Through our health coaching model, we are able to better identify and manage those individuals, all while working with them to make improvements to their lifestyle enabling higher quality of life.
Well365 uses a state of the art and flexible wellness portal from which to launch its programs and user engagement. No two platforms are alike and we're pleased to offer advanced functionality such as program dashboards, wellness classes and programs, exercise and fitness challenges, device integration and more!
Well365 is an independent, corporate, wellness company who works with ALL companies, in ALL industries, and of ALL sizes. We understand that many companies are trying to implement wellness programs with their insurance carriers, yet may experience lack of flexibility, experience or solutions for engagement, outcomes, and long-term success. We also understand that not everyone focuses on prevention to keep the healthy individuals healthy, and the unhealthy out of the hospital. As a result of these situations, more programs fail than succeed. We want you to succeed. We have proven success how being independent will be the best success for you and your company. Well365 is an experienced, flexible company who wants to hear from you!

Corporate Wellness Services We Provide

Wellness Program Creation and Management


Corporate Wellness Portal


Group and Direct Health Coaching


Wellness Guidance

See our process below!

Well365's Process


Well365 will work with you to evaluate and identify your greatest opportunities for health improvement within your company. Examples of how we do this include:

  • Employee surveys
  • Review demographics
  • Health risk data through biometric screening and/or health risk assessment
  • History of organization’s wellness initiatives
  • Health benefit plan design


Where are you going with your wellness initiatives and how are you going to get there? Well365 will help you create a plan of action!

  • Establish clear vision of program direction
  • Expectations
  • What will be measured and how will you measure it
  • Policies
  • Target appropriate health risk behaviors
  • Create goals, objectives and budget


First impressions mean everything and we want to make sure you communicate your program effectively while implementing your strategies.

  • Communicate often
  • Use an identifiable brand
  • Use a variety of methods to communicate wellness program
  • Kickoff with impactful programs
  • Promote a positive atmosphere centered around wellness and health


The great quality of Well365 being flexible, is we understand we may need to modify, change and refine programs even after being implemented. It is important to us to be nimble and provide flexibility to understand we may not always get it right from the start, however we will work with you to refine the program however needed to make sure we have the best success and outcomes possible.

  • Evaluate wellness program efforts and modify strategies to achieve continuous quality improvement
  • Allows modification to meet changing needs and interests
  • Measure before, during and after
  • Measure program participation, utilization, satisfaction and behavior changes
  • Return on investment


Well365 understands how critical it is to ensure program succession. As a result, we will be with you every step of the way to ensure your program is being managed at its top potential. Areas we continue to establish while managing your program:

  • Top management support
  • Maximize participation in the program
  • Personalized & tailored programs
  • Make it fun
  • Evaluation & reporting
  • Active account management & visibility
  • Incentives
  • Plan Design
  • Effective & Frequent Communications

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Corporate Wellness is Critical!


Medical Costs

..per year are spent on employees with major risk factors such as: Obesity, tobacco usage and diabetes.


Average Loss Per Employee

Health-related productivity loss costs employers 225.8 billion dollars per year. This costs employers, on average, $1855 per employee per year.


Diabetes cost per year

Employees with diabetes cost $13,243 per year more than those without.

FitThumb Wellness Portal

  • Wellness and Fitness Challenges

    A wide variety of engaging wellness and fitness challenges. Individual and Team based fitness and weight loss challenges.

  • Learning Content

    Plenty of life and nutrition classes to help educate your organization on a varity of subjects.

  • Points or Programs based Wellness

    Allow your users to accrue points to meet wellness program objectives or create a wellness activity based wellness program.

  • Reporting and Management

    A multitude of reports help monitor engagement and effectiveness of programs.

  • Wearables and Trackables

    Fitbit, Garmin, Jawbone, Apple Watch and more!

  • Incentives and Rewards

    Offer your users an incentive or reward based on healthy behaviors!

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